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San Diego State Football: Mountain West tells Rocky Long 10 officiating mistakes made in Aztecs' 24-13 loss at Fresno State

Turns out it wasn't just fan uproar.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

San Diego State Aztecs head coach Rocky Long told media at today's press conference that the Mountain West told him 10 officiating mistakes were made during the Aztecs' 24-13 loss to the Fresno State Bulldogs.

Aztec football fans took to Twitter last Friday to complain about the game's officiating. The running into the punter penalty called on tight end Daniel Brunskill was the call that provoked the most upheaval.

Replay seemed to show Brunskill slightly block the punt with his fingertips, and the punt only traveled 24 yards. If Brunskill had indeed touched the punt, the penalty would have been negated. After review, though, MW referees upheld the call on the field and Fresno State scored on that drive to go up 17-6 with 5:15 left in the third quarter. If the call got reversed, SDSU would have taken over at its 21-yard line down 10-6 midway through the third quarter.

And apparently, as Long said, the MW admitted to nine other officiating mistakes. Long did not specify if all 10 mistakes harmed SDSU. He commended referees for the tough job they normally perform very well. He went on to say that in most games mistaken calls go both ways and they even out over time. However, he said that the calls didn't go both ways in last Friday's game.

Reporters repeatedly asked Long if the blown calls were frustrating and difficult to move past.

"I'm moving on to New Mexico," Long replied.

*Long-ism of the day*

Long, known for his stance against modern offensive-minded officiating and his defensive mindset, had a particularly Long-ish way to describe Cal's 60-59 win against Washington State.

"I think that's basketball on grass," he said with a smile.