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New Mexico Football: Crusoe Gongbay's career as a Lobos could be over

Monday it was announced that senior running back Crusoe Gongbay could miss the rest of the season with a severe foot injury.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

After spending three years behind Kasey Carrier this year was supposed to be Crusoe Gongbay's break out season but after legal troubles that cost him his off season he gained just 34 yard in the Lobos first two games. It would not be until the last three games that Gongbay would start to show just how dominate a running back he could be rushing for 320 yards and two touchdowns in that span. Gongbay is the Lobos second leading rusher behind Jhurell Pressley.

Gongbay left the Lobos game against the University of Texas San Antonio during the third quarter and did not return. It was confirmed by New Mexico coach Bob Davie that Gongbay had suffered a severe foot injury and that Saturday’s game could be Gongbay’s last game as Lobos.

Crusoe’s got a significant foot injury," head coach Bob Davis said after the win. "It very well could be season ending which in his case its career ending. We are going to MRI it, we are expecting the worse, and it doesn’t look good it’s tough for him."

Gongbay was recruited to the Lobos out of Rockville, Maryland by former coach Mike Locksley. After his freshman season Lockley was fired and Bob Davie was named the Lobos head coach he decided to leave the team because of the change but he later decided to stay with the team. After coming back Gongaby had to earn his way back on the team and by his junior season he was second on the Lobos depth chart. His rushed for 592 yards and 6 touchdowns during his junior season both of which were career highs. If his career is over he ends it with 1,605 rushing yards and 14 touchdowns.