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PHOTO: Is San Diego State getting new helmets?

There are some photos floating around that could be new San Diego State helmets.

Is this one of two new SDSU helmets
Is this one of two new SDSU helmets
Official SDSU Football (Student Run) Fan Page

There is a photo of a pair of new San Diego State football helmets floating around on the Official SDSU Football (Student Run) Fan Page, and they are quite the extreme helmet design, if they are true. Just imagine if San Diego State patterned a new helmet design after what the Maryland Terrapins did for its football uniform when it incorporated the state flag.

Well, these possibly new helmets would instantly rival those Maryland design, and with all of the extreme helmets out there, these could just quite possibly be the most extreme head gear out there.

Here are the two designs that were found. The first one has the eyes of the Aztec at the top of the helmet, and adds a little bit of an intimidation factor with another set of eyes staring down the opposing team.


The second helmet is different as it does not cover the entire helmet with the design but has a nice looking Aztec warrior along the side as a logo instead of the more traditional San Diego State logo.

white SDSI

Who knows if these are real but with the uniform craze that has swept college football over the past few years no design or combination should really surprise anyone anymore.