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BYU vs. Utah State final score: Highlights of Aggies big win over the Cougars

Utah State had a great effort in its win over BYU Friday night.

Gene Sweeney Jr.

Utah State earned its first win at BYU since 1978 and it came in a dominating fashion, 35-20. The Aggies showed up with big play after big play and they took advantage of BYU's mistakes. The big turn of events came late in the first half when BYU quarterback Taysom Hill fractured his left leg when he was tackled by defensive back Brian Suite.

That is not the reason Utah State ended up winning, but it did help, at the time of the injury Utah State was up 21-14. The rest of this recap will be a visual recap with videos, tweets and other aspects of this game.

Here are the touchdowns for Utah State, including linebacker Nick Vigil playing running back and scoring from 1-yard out. On the night Vigil rushed for 57 yards and he also had 16 tackles on defense, and he is clearly the player of the game in this big win for the Aggies.

Now here are one of the many big plays that changed the game