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USU's Wall of Fame/Shame

USU's season has had plenty of ups and downs. Here's a look at some of the worst and best the Aggies have accomplished this year.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Utah State Aggies' Wall of Fame/Shame (Categories in which USU is ranked Top 25 nationally or bottom 10 nationally):

Shame- Punts per game: Tied for 7th with 7.0 punts per game (also 11th with 280 punting yards per game)
(side note: the Aggies are 95th in yards per punt, with an average of 40 yards per punt)
Shame- Most penalty yards per game: 8th with 77.5 penalty yards per game
Fame- Opponent penalty yards per game: 21st with 69.4 penalty ypg (9th for # of penalties with 63 total)
Fame- Fumble Recoveries: Tied for 12th with 9 fumble recoveries (and tied for 7th for fumble recovery %)
Fame- Interceptions: Tied for 8th with 13 interceptions, 1.63 Int's per game
Fame- Interceptions returned for a TD: Tied for 9th with 2 Int's returned for a TD
Fame- Total Turnovers: Tied for 4th with 22 total turnovers
Fame- Turnover Margin: Tied for 10th with a margin of 1.13 turnovers per game
Fame- Sacks per game: Tied for 4th with 3.75 sacks per game
Fame- Sack yards: 3rd with 213 sack yards
Shame- Tackles for loss allowed: Tied for 10th with 7.38 tfl allowed per game
Fame- Tackles for loss: 3rd with 9.13 tfl per game
Fame- Tackle for loss yards: 2nd with 324 tfl yards
Shame- Worst 3rd down completion %: 8th with a 29.75% completion rate
Fame- Opponent 3rd down completion rate: Tied for 24th with a 33.33% completion rate allowed
Shame- Worst 4th down completion %: 2nd with a 12.5% completion rate
Fame- Long scrimmage plays of 50+ (tied for 14th), 60+ (tied for 5th), and 70+ yards (tied for 4th)
Fame- Long passing plays of 40+ (tied for 10th), 50+ (tied for 7th), 60+ (tied for 1st), and 70+ yards (tied for 2nd)
Fame- Rushing defense: 4th with 89 rushing ypg, and tied for 17th on rushing TD's allowed with 7 TD's allowed
Fame- Rushing yards per attempt: Tied for 2nd with 2.44 yards per attempt
Fame- Opponent passing completion % allowed: 20th with 53.5% of opponent passes completed
Fame- Opponent yards per play allowed: 11th with 4.56 yards allowed per play
Fame- Opponent punt yards per return: 20th with 3.7 yards allowed per return
Fame- Passes defended: 2nd with 56 passes defended, and 4th in pass breakups with 43; 3rd in passes defended per game
Fame- Allowing long rushing plays: 20th with 27 10+ yard rushes allowed, tied for 1st in allowing 30+ yard rushes (0 allowed)