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San Diego State Basketball: Dwayne Polee II named one of Bleacher Report's 20 most fundamentally sound players

Tim Duncan would be proud.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe fans should change nicknames for Dwayne Polee II.

Instead of The Human Pogo Stick, maybe...The Structurally Sound Human Pogo Stick?

Bleacher Report's Brian Pederson would probably prefer the second one. Pederson ranked Polee 17th out of college basketball's 20 most fundamentally sound players.

Pederson called Polee "one of the best leapers in the country" and commended his all-around efficiency on the court.

"The 6'7" Polee got his hands on 10.4 percent of available rebounds, and even dished the ball out enough to have a 5.1 percent assist efficiency. He made 53.3 percent of his two-pointers and 39.1 percent of his threes, and when he got to the line three of every four attempts were good."

This is a new kind of recognition for a student-athlete mostly heralded for his athletic ability. But if Polee plays like The Structurally Sound Human Pogo Stick this year, Geoff Grammer's first-team all-conference predictions may turn out at least partially right.

Here's the rest of Pederson's top 20. You'll see that 19 of the 20 players are upperclassmen. I'll be sure to use that point in my next rant against the one-and-done craze. Those things kind of come out of nowhere, so it's good to have a stockpile of evidence.

Anyway, here you go:

1. Frank Kaminsky Sr. C - Wisconsin
2. Jacob Parker Sr. F - Stephen F. Austin
3. Pat Connaughton Sr. G/F - Notre Dame
4. Perry Ellis Jr. F - Kansas
5. Josh Hart So. G - Villanova
6. Dustin Hogue Sr. F - Iowa State
7. Walter Pitchford Jr. F - Nebraska
8. Sam Dekker Jr. F - Wisconsin
9. Joseph Young Sr. G - Oregon
10. R.J. Hunter Jr. G - Georgia State
11. Matt Bohannon Jr. G - Northern Iowa
12. Durand Johnson Jr. F - Pittsburgh
13. Jarrod Uthoff Jr. F - Iowa
14. Thomas Walkup Jr. G/F - Stephen F. Austin
15. Brandon Ashley Jr. F - Arizona
16. Treveon Graham Sr. G - VCU
17. Dwayne Polee II Sr. F - San Diego State
18. Dyshawn Pierre Jr. F - Dayton
19. Justin Martin Sr. F - SMU
20. Nemanja Djurisic Sr. F - Georgia