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Keeton is still Utah State's number one

Coach Matt Wells reaffirmed his faith in Chuckie Keeton and his ability to lead the Aggies.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Coach Wells made his opinion clear on who he wanted to lead USU on the gridiron during this interview with BYU radio. He said that if Chuckie Keeton is medically cleared to play, he will start. For the Aggies, this is a delicate point in the season. If CK can come back healthy, and regain his former composure and playmaking ability, USU may stand a fighting chance going into Friday night's game against BYU.

If, however, Keeton is playing at limited capacity, it may be worse than playing without him. Hopefully he comes back from this latest twinge with greater strength and mobility, because he will certainly need it against perhaps the toughest opponent the Aggies will play all year. The biggest concern would be a scenario where Wells sticks with Chuckie regardless of his recovery process, and the Aggies end up in a situation similar to the Cougars' a couple years ago when Bronco Mendenhall played an injured Riley Nelson. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below regarding who you think is best situated to help the Aggies in their current dilemma.