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Mountain West Conference Basketball Standings Update: Week 13

How's the MWC race shaking out as it stands right now?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Mountain West Conference basketball season is in full swing. And for the rest of the year, we're checking in on all 11 teams to see where each week to see how they're doing in relation to NCAA tournament bids, MWC Tournament seeding and wrapping up the league's regular season championship.

Below are the Mountain West standings for Week 13:

San Diego State 7-0 18-1 9-1 6-0
New Mexico 6-1 15-4 7-2 5-0
Nevada 5-2 10-10 4-5 6-3
Wyoming 4-2 13-6 10-2 3-4
Boise State
4-3 14-6 9-1 3-3
UNLV 4-3 13-7 8-5 3-2
Colorado State
3-4 12-8 11-4 1-4
Air Force 3-4 9-9 7-5 1-4
Utah State
2-5 12-7 10-2 2-4
Fresno State 1-7 8-13 7-4 1-8
San Jose State 0-8 6-14 4-4 2-8

San Diego State continues to roll, and now sits at 18-1 on the year, steadily climbing up the national polls. But elsewhere in the Mountain West Conference, there's been a thinning of the herd. New Mexico continues to position itself well for a tournament bid, and Nevada's impressive start to league play continues. Though beyond that, there's mostly uncertainty. Wyoming, Boise State and UNLV all have the talent to contend, but lack consistency. And for the bottom half of the league -- from Colorado State on down -- prospects are simply looking grim.

Tuesday, Jan. 28 -- New Mexico at Utah State: Utah State's all but dead in the water, but they've also defended their home court well all year (10-2 in Logan thus far), assuring New Mexico this will not be a walk in the park. The Lobos have won eight of nine, all on the strength of impressive all-around play, and now must battle the challenges of complacency. They don't meet SDSU until Feb. 22, so it'll be a month of staying motivated and hopefully keeping themselves right on the Aztecs' heels until then.

Wednesday, Jan. 29 -- Colorado State at Nevada: Both teams appear highly unlikely to grab an NCAA bid, so this is all about seeding and an attempt to run through the conference tournament to steal an auto-bid. Nevada's preyed on the bottom two-thirds of the conference up to this point, but now they head to the meat of the slate looking to pad the resume and improve upon a lackluster statistical performance. For CSU, they've been beaten up by the top of the MWC and now, they have an opportunity to fix things down the stretch. Now the question is will they?

Saturday, Feb. 1 -- Utah State at Wyoming: Another Utah State game, this one against another team hanging around the top of the league standings. The Cowboys have won four straight -- including a recent overtime victory over Nevada -- and are looking to overcome their scoring deficiencies to play their way into the Mountain West title conversation. While they've looked solid in recent wins, Wyoming still only puts up 66.9 points per game. That may pass against the Aggies, but not against New Mexico and SDSU.

Saturday, Feb. 1 -- Colorado State at San Diego State: San Diego State continues its demolition derby this Saturday after a one-week break. Sure, they're not unstoppable, but Colorado State doesn't appear to be the squad that finally ends the Aztecs' 17-game winning streak either. This is well beyond the conference title. State's trying to firmly assert themselves into the No. 1-seed conversation.

Saturday, Feb. 1 -- Boise State at UNLV: Boise's high-scoring attack comes up against the defensively-minded Rebels down in Las Vegas in a game that means a whole lot for both teams. The Broncos are on the outside looking in at most tournament projections so every win's critical, while UNLV is likely trying to go the spoiler route to make the Big Dance. Typically, you'd go with UNLV at home, but given their struggles their this season, Boise may end up holding a very slight advantage come Saturday.


So what do you think? New Mexico appears to have things in line for a tournament berth, but do Boise State, UNLV, Nevada and Wyoming have a shot to work themselves into the conversation? Share your thoughts below.