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Fresno State Signs DeRuyter to Extension

After two conference titles and an offseason of inclusion among the rumor mill, the university and the coach agree to a long-term deal.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Tim DeRuyter has amassed a 20-6 record in two seasons as the Bulldogs head coach, and now he'll have a paycheck to match his performance.

Robert Kuwada of the Fresno Bee reports that, after some community hand-wringing regarding DeRuyter's potential departure for greener pastures, the university has locked him up to a long-term contract that will make him the highest paid coach in the Mountain West.

The five-year deal is worth $7.5 million through 2018, though with the obvious caveat that a new deal does not necessarily preclude DeRuyter from leaving later. Regardless, a program built on the stability of its coaches has found a reprieve from the coaching carousel and positioned itself as a contender in the immediate future.