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2014 NFL Draft: Derek Carr to be picked before Teddy Bridgewater?

Will Derek Carr be the third quarterback in the draft, or will he fall to the fourth or even lower signal caller taken.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Draft sometimes feel like it is a crap shoot at times and the extra two weeks has added even more people over thinking projections and mock drafts. Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr is rumored to go to a lot of places, but most prominently the Oakland Raiders, Cleveland Browns or Arizona Cardinals. The Kansas City Chiefs appear to be interested or it is just a smokescreen; then there are mystery teams who may trade into the 20s to land Carr.

Then there is the speculation of where Carr will be taken within the hierarchy of this quarterback class. Carr has been considered the fourth quarterback for a while but with pro days, private workouts and team interviews things have changed some. All of the quarterbacks seem to be dropping and it is possible that Carr could be taken before Louisville's Teddy Bridgewater. has placed percentages of where Carr, and other players will go in the NFL Draft:

32 percent chance Teddy Bridgewater will NOT be drafted in the first round

54 percent chance Johnny Manziel drafted AFTER the fifth pick

55 percent chance Blake Bortles drafted AFTER the 8th pick

57 percent chance Derek Carr drafted BEFORE Teddy Bridgewater

65 percent chance Johnny Manziel drafted BEFORE Blake Bortles

67 percent chance that 3 OR FEWER quarterbacks will be drafted in the first round

The big item listed is that Carr is projected to go ahead of Bridgewater. That shows how far Carr has come after the USC debacle and also how Bridgewater has fallen since he was considered the top selection for most of the college football season.

Now of course draft day trades could easily blow these predictions up, so remember that.