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2014 NFL Draft Profile: Fresno State QB Derek Carr

The Mountain West Offensive Player of the Year has been subject to a great deal of debate about his NFL bonafides, but the physical tools and the intangibles should make him an ideal franchise quarterback.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Derek Carr, Quarterback, Fresno State

6'2", 214 pounds

Mocking the Draft overall ranking: 37

Mocking the Draft positional ranking: 4

Strengths: It has been said again and again that Carr possesses the greatest arm strength of any quarterback in the 2014 class. Don't believe me? Ask SB Nation's Matthew Fairburn. Despite record-setting production in a passer-friendly attack, many people forget he spent his first year (2011) as a college starter in Pat Hill's pro-style offense. Carr also has a surprising amount of athleticism, evidenced by 4.67 40-time and 34.5" vertical figures from the Combine.

Weakness: Critics have noted Carr's struggles against pass rush units that get the upper hand, most notably the Bulldogs' two bowl losses, and that is an area to be improved upon. His footwork can get sloppy at times, as well, which contributed to a fair share of misplaced throws to open receivers.

The Bottom Line: Carr may not be ready to start in Week One for whichever team selects him, but there's no doubt that his tools and his intangibles are good enough to be make the former Bulldog an adequate starter in the NFL. There's been some debate among draft aficionados about whether he is deserving of a first-round selection, but I believe there will be enough demand that, given the general unpredictability of how this year's draft will shake out, some team won't want to wait too long to make him the next face of the franchise.  Keep in mind that the teams rumored to be most interested in Carr have highly-regarded left tackles, which should go a long way toward shoring up his shortcomings.

Projected Round: 1

Projected Likely Destination: Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars, Minnesota Vikings