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2014 NFL Draft profile: San Jose State WR Chandler Jones

What makes San Jose State wide receiver Chandler Jones a NFL Draft prospect.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

San Jose State wide receiver Chandler Jones had one of the better seasons in the Mountain West for his position and only trailed Fresno State's Davante Adams in yards per game with 113; plus Jones was one of two in the league to average 100 yards or more per game.

Jones also was second in touchdowns with 15 and had 79 catches on the year. It does help to have David Fales throwing him the ball. Where Jones is really good is in the deep ball where he averaged 17.16 yards per reception to lead the Mountain west, and one of the best in the nation.

Jones had a solid four-year career with the Spartans with 248 career receptions, but he became a touchdown threat with 27 in his final two years.

Mocking the Draft has Jones as their No. 33 wide receiver and CBS Sports places Jones at that same spot. Jones' chance of getting draft is slim as he is projected as a seventh-round selection.

Strengths of Jones are his ability to be explosive both off the line of scrimmage but also the ability to catch the ball and head of field, hence his over 17 yards per reception this year. His hands are also above average and can grab difficult thrown balls. Jones also has a great work ability since he was a preferred walk-on and had to earn his way up the depth chart, and with attitude he does everything he can to stay on the field, and that includes being a good blocker. He also is the sone of Mike Jones who had a six-year NFL career, also at wide receiver.

Despite some solid strengths, Jones has weaknesses of his own. Jones' has a smaller frame at 5-feet-9-inches, and just 185 pounds. Jones could get pushed around being that small and forcing him to adjust his routes to get open.

Typically small players are faster and will Jones has speed but he is more quick than fast. Finally, he never played special teams at San Jose State and has no return experience, and if he wants to land on a team he may need to work on his punt and kick return skills to make a roster.

Here are Jones' NFL workout numbers:


Here are highlights of Jones: