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NFL Draft profile: San Jose State quarterback David Fales

San Jose State quarterback David Fales saw his draft pick drop as the 2014 season progressed.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

Shortly after the 2013 NFL Draft, San Jose State quarterback David Fales was considered to be a first round pick. The 2013 season for Fales was not that great for San Jose State as the team went 6-6 and did not make a bowl game, while expectations were to compete for the Mountain West title.

Even though Fales is dropping in the draft, San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh really likes Fales and says that he is a top-five quarterback:

"I think he sees the field. I think he throws the ball downfield," Harbaugh said. "A lot of quarterbacks are doing what they're taught in their systems. He's a guy that is an example of a quarterback who throws to the outside lanes. He throws the ball in the seams and gets it down field and sees the field well. He's got a real savviness about the position."

Well, most feel that Fales will be in the league for a long time but feel his contributions will be as a long-term backup and occasional starter.

Mocking the Draft feels similar to Harbaugh as they have Fales as their No. 6 quarterback, but CBS Sports has him a bit lower as the 11th quarterback and even behind Virginia Tech's Logan Thomas.

Fales actually had better numbers in 2013 compared to the Spartans 11-win year by throwing for 27 more yards per game. He threw 33 touchdowns in each year and in 2012 he played in one less game but his main issue was his completion percentage which dipped from 72 percent to 64. The completion percentage was worrisome because of the dip, but Fales is still very accurate. What hurt him the most was the Spartans not being very good.

As for what Fales does well, he has good pocket presence and can keep focus down field even when under pressure. He is a very smart player as well and makes quality adjustments at the line of scrimmage and was given the luxury last season to change plays at the line of scrimmage.

Fales has a good but not extremely great arm, however he makes up for that with great touch and nearly every throw, plus he is able to make all of the required NFL throws.

While his arm is capable it is also his weakness because he doesn't have that elite arm strength, but at times that can be overrated. Those deep balls is where his arm strength comes into question, because all year watching him throw anything beyond 15 yards ended up in more of a floater causing him to under throw deep passes and allow safeties to rush in at the last moment to make a play on the ball.

Here are highlights from Fales this past season: