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NFL Draft Profile: Boise State guard Charlos Leno

Boise State guard Charles Leno is looking to get drafted at next week's NFL Draft.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State guard Charles Leno is looking to make his mark at the next level in the NFL. While Leno was a second-team all-Mountain West player in 2012 and a first team player in 2013, he is considered a fringe prospect. He is not ranked in Mocking the Draft's guard grouping, but CBS Sports has Leno ranked as the 10th guard and a potential fifth round pick.

Leno is not this lumbering big man taking up space despite being 6-foot-4 and 303 pounds, but his strengths are being athletic which is not always the case with a guard. He also has long arms to ward of defenders and has great lateral movement, and that comes from Leno being versatile since he has played both left and right tackles. Being versatile will help Leno get drafted and teams know he can play four positions on the offensive line.

Every players have weaknesses and Leno needs to gain better strength in his lower body so that he can drive back defensive and nose tackles. Leno also rocks back some off the line of scrimmage and that can be an issue and allow defenders to blow past him with that technique. Leno is a big guy but he needs more over powering strength in run blocking to be very successful.

Based on various mock drafts from around the Internet, Leno has a very good chance to be taken as high as the fourth round but he could fall in the fifth or sixth round, it all depends on what the teams want.

Here are his NFL combine numbers:


Here are highlights from this past season against Wyoming: