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2014 NFL Draft: Can Derek Carr go No. 1?

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It is a mystery to where Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr will go in the upcoming NFL Draft, but there is one person out there who thinks he can go No. 1.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The quarterback class for this 2014 NFL Draft has fluctuated from not only who will go in the top-10 or if there will be a sudden drop to the position. The consensus is that there are three quarterbacks in the first tier with Johnny Manziel, Blake Bortles and Teddy Bridgewater.

Bridgewater is slipping a bit and maybe even Bortles depending on what mock drafts one reads, and some of that has to with the extra two weeks of draft speculation. Carr is the fourth guy in that group but he is not too far behind the other three.

Now there is even more draft talk, and the latest item comes from ESPN's Jon Gruden really, really, really likes former Carr. Gruden already feels that Carr has the best arm in the draft, and then Gruden comes out with this bold news item:

Gruden is obviously extremely high on Carr and the former Fresno State signal caller has talent, but there is the fear that David Carr's failure could mean that that Derek Carr could suffer the same fate.

Those notions are completely unfair since the elder Carr was dealt an awful hand for the then-expansion Houston Texans who did not build an offensive line, and that led to Carr setting records for being sacked the most times.

However, Carr going No. 1 overall even to biggest Fresno State and Carr fans have to realize that going to the Texans as the top pick seems like a reach. Who knows how much NFL personnel listen to the former head coach, or the influence he provides to those making draft decisions.

Looking around where Carr could go end up is still a mystery but where there is some consensus of his location could be to the Arizona Cardinals in the middle of the first round; first overall just seems like a pipe dream for Carr.