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2014 NFL Draft Profile: Wyoming QB Brett Smith

Undervalued and overlooked, Wyoming's Brett Smith looks to show the NFL he has what it takes to be a possible future franchise quarterback.


Brett Smith, quarterback, Wyoming

6’1¾", 207-pounds

Mocking the Draft overall ranking: 138

Mocking the Draft positional ranking:  9

Brett Smith (QB Wyoming) vs Idaho (2013) (via Justis Mosqueda)


First off Smith is a quarterback that can make all of the throws needed to succeed in the NFL.  He has very good mobility and very quick feet to be elusive in the pocket, avoid pressure and to pick up a first down when needed.  He definitely has the running ability to be showcased in a offense that uses the zone-read.  Throws well on the move and keeps his eyes downfield.  Is able to move around and create throwing lanes even if he isn't the tallest quarterback out there.  He works through his reads and does an a very good job recognizing soft spots in coverage pre-snap  He throws with good velocity and accuracy when rolling to his right or left.  Lastly he is a fierce competitor that plays with a chip on his shoulder and has the attitude that he will prove you wrong if doubted.  He is the type of quarterback that can succeed on a good or bad team.  His ability to make something out of nothing will help him if he is on a team with less than stellar line play.


First and foremost Smith will need to work on his fundamentals and footwork.  By the end of last season, his footwork started to get quite sloppy.  His mechanics are odd at times, has the tendency to throw with a low release and have a hitch in his throwing motion.  Has the problem of throwing from a unsteady platform, resulting in less than desired accuracy and velocity on the ball.  His deep ball is inconsistent but did show well in that department at his Pro-Day. He doesn't have prototype NFL quarterback size and will have to continue to get stronger and add bulk at the next level.  Smith rarely if ever played from under center and was always in the shot-gun.  Right or wrong, his level of competition comes into question coming from the Mountain West Conference.

Brett Smith Wyoming Pro Day (via jcfbears5432)

Bottom Line:

Brett Smith hasn't gotten as much publicity as many other NFL quarterback prospects and things weren't made any better when he was snubbed for the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Smith has been described as a "more polished" or even "poor mans" Johnny Manziel and one is left to ponder what Smith would've been like at a school like Texas A&M instead of Wyoming?

One could argue Smith could possibly be the most athletic quarterback prospect in the draft.  During Wyoming's Pro-Day in Laramie, Smith recorded an "official" 4.51 40-yard dash and a broad jump of 10-foot-8 to go along with 10-inch hands.  Both his forty and broad jump would've put him at the top of the NFL Combine for all quarterbacks.

Smith has put up good numbers while at Wyoming. This year, he completed 63% of his passes for 3,375 yards, 29 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. For his career, he has completed 751 of 1,212 passes for 8,843 yards and a 62% completion percentage. He has also thrown for 76 touchdowns and only 28 interceptions.  Lastly he rushed for 1,529 yards and 20 touchdowns on the ground.

Smith is the type of quarterback that could project as a future franchise quarterback.  He could see a career very similar to that of Trent Green or Tony Romo in being groomed and then finally given the opportunity to run the show for any given franchise.  All the tools are there but Smith still does need refinement.  From a player comparison perspective, he has been most closely compared to Tony Romo or Alex Smith.  Would not surprise me at all if Brett Smith become the steal of the draft when it comes to quarterbacks.

Projected Rounds:  4th-6th rounds

Projected Likely Destination:  Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Denver Broncos, Carolina Panthers, Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys and the Cleveland Browns.