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Wyoming's Robert Herron Staying Busy With Team Visits

Wyoming wide receiver Robert Herron making numerous visits/work-outs with NFL teams

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Wyoming wide receiver Robert Herron has been staying busy throughout the NFL draft process. After participating in the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, Indiana and his Pro-Day in Laramie, Wyoming, Herron is making the rounds to numerous NFL franchises leading up to the draft.

He recently worked out with the Carolina Panthers and the New Orleans Saints.  He will make a return trip to Charlotte in the near future.  After his Carolina repeat visit he will head down to Miami to work-out for the Dolphins. The St. Louis Rams have also recently contacted Herron but no visit is set-up as of this time.  At his pro day, he talked to the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs beforehand and then afterwards he spoke to the New England Patriots and the Dallas Cowboys.  Could his future team be one of these teams mentioned or someone not previously brought up?

With a little under a month left until the draft, Herron has been staying busy outside of his team visits and work-outs.  He has been working out, staying in shape, working on his route running and his hands to make sure he goes into his future team well-conditioned and in top form.