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2014 NFL Draft: Derek Carr impresses at Fresno State pro day

Despite just recovering from being sick, Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr had a great showing at his pro day.

Former Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr had his pro day on campus late last week, and he did not impress. All of the talk within the quarterbacks have leaned toward Johnny Manziel, Blake Bortles and Teddy Bridgewater; that group was considered the first tier and Carr was the first in the next group.

Carr is somewhat going under the radar, but not as his pro day. There were over 20 teams there to see the quarterback including the Oakland Raiders, including general manager Reggie McKenzie plus head coach Dennis Allen. Minnesota Vikings had general manager Rick Spielman and offensive coordinator Norv Turner in attendance to view Carr.

Carr performed extremely well at his pro day, despite being sick at 5 a.m. and throwing up the day of the event. He was given fluids and an IV to help him quickly recover, and even during the drills Carr felt uneasy.

A scout at the pro day said, he "didn't have a bad throw" all day, and the passes that were incomplete came on a few deep passes or wide receiver drops; he completed 66 of 72 passes. Carr also showed off his athleticism in the 40-yard dash where he ran it in 4.69-seconds which is just one-hundredth of a second off of Manziel who is considered to be a mobile quarterback.

Turner came away impressed calling Carr's performance "an outstanding workout."

Here is Carr talking about his pro day.

Former wide receiver Devante Adams was at the pro day and was eager to improve off of his 4.56-second 40-yard dash at the combine. Adams came out and was clocked in a 4.47 and a 4.50 and he was happy about that improvement.

"I knew it was something I should do or I had to do. Speed was a concern for some of the scouts, so I feel by doing that they got a better look at how fast I am," Adams said when talking to reporters after the pro day. That time will really help Adams move up the draft board and put him in better company.