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San Diego State RB Adam Muema appears in Florida

Former San Diego State RB Adam Muema emerged in Florida after hanging out in the airport.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Former San Diego St. Aztecs running back Adam Muema has emerged from his disappearance after he left the NFL Combine early citing religion for his decision to leave because  God had told him that if he did not work out and would ultimately end up playing for the Seattle Seahawks.

After three days of no radio contact, Muema has emerged and returned to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., but where the story gets interesting is that Muema just wandered the the airport for three days.

Former Oklahoma linebacker Cory Nelson has been training with Muema received a phone call to pick him up, and he was still in his NFL combine gear:

"He said he was at the airport for three days straight," Nelson said. "He was telling me when I picked him up that God told him to stay at the airport and don't do anything, just stay there. That's what he did for three days straight.

"On the fourth day, he told me he couldn't do it anymore. He decided to call me."

This story gets more interesting with this latest development on Muema's whereabouts.

Nelson goes on to add even more about Muema's situation:.

"He was telling me the things God was telling him, how close he feels to God, and how he's at peace with everything ... He really hears from God. Whatever God tells him, he'll do it."

This story is getting more and more interesting and a person close to Muema said that the running back is doing all right:

"I know he's fine. I know he's safe," a person close to Muema said, agreeing to speak on the condition of anonymity. "But I don't know what happens from here. There are good people that are helping him. ... He just needs to get his life right. I hope he stops being a story."

In the meantime, Muema is heading back to his home in Covina, Calif., where it is assumed he will keep training for the NFL.