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San Diego State RB Adam Muema lays low after leaving NFL Combine

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Former SDSU running back Adam Muema is staying off the grid after leaving the NFL Combine without participating in any drills.

Kent Horner

Former San Diego St. Aztecs running back Adam Muema chose to leave the NFL Combine early due to communication with God about which Muema sayd, "(God) told me to sit down, be quiet, and enjoy the peace." Muema was planning on going back to training in Florida after the combine, but he has not been there, and in fact no one seems to know where he is, or what he is doing.

His agent has not had word nor have former coaches, and his family refrained from commenting when asked by the San Diego Union-Tribune.

"I have no idea where is," a person close to Muema said. "(San Diego State coaches) have been trying to track him down, too. Every time they do, his phone is off. ... It's a frustrating deal."

"It's a big mystery," said Lou Farrar, Muema's former football coach at Charter Oak High. "At this point, we just hope he's safe. As long as he's safe. That's all that really matters."

Muema did say he was going to lay low after he left Indianapolis, but to this degree seems extreme. The religion aspect in Muema's life is no secret, just look at his Twitter profile that says |God f1rst| Seahawks #8| the latter referring to his conversation with God about Seattle drafting him.

Here is his most recent tweet which is from Monday.

Plus, a former teammate had this to say about the former Aztec:

"He talked about how close he was with God," the ex-teammate said, "but (what happened) was a little bit of a surprise. ... I wish him nothing but the best. He's a great kid."

The disappearing part is the concern here and the longer he stays away from speaking to at the very least his agent his draft stock will plummet. Also, who knows if we participate in San Diego State's pro day on March 20.

There are still NFL scouts who feel Muema has the talent to play in the NFL and be taken as a late-round pick or even a priority free agent. His next move is key and the sooner something is said would be the best and allow Muema to rectify the damage that has occurred toward his potential NFL career.