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2014 NFL Combine: Derek Carr elects to not throw until pro day

Derek Carr falls in line with other quarterbacks who will not throw at the combine.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

Earlier this month, Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr was debating on whether or not to throw at this week's NFL Combine in Indianapolis, Ind. Carr has elected to not throw at the combine and will instead throw at his pro day on March 20, per's Ian Rapport.

The reason do not throw at the combine and instead at a more familiar setting at Fresno State's campus is because Carr felt that he performed well enough at the Senior Bowl a few weeks.

As of now only Central Florida's Blake Bortles has confirmed that he will throw at the combine, Louisville's Teddy Bridgewater is still debating and Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel is joining Carr in electing to not throw until their individual pro days.

This makes sense for Carr and other top end quarterbacks to not throw at the combine, and instead choosing to throw on campus. The wide receivers at the combine are rotated in and out of lines and being thrown by different quarterbacks,and that leads to not having any sort of rhythm at all. Where as throwing to familiar receivers in a more low key setting on campus allows a quarterback to look much better than throwing to random players and at a very high pressured. Players are interviewed by various teams, poked and prodded in the official weigh-in plus there are a lot of other drills that are usually done.

There is plenty of tape on Carr and with his showing at the Senior Bowl being acceptable, waiting to throw at his pro day his most advantageous for Carr.