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2014 NFL Combine: Will Derek Carr Throw?

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Derek Carr is debating on whether or not to throw at the upcoming NFL Combine.

Stacy Revere

The NFL Combine can make or break a players draft stock by a round or two if one has a good or bad day at Indianapolis. Fresno State's Derek Carr is likely to be a first round pick come May, but he is debating on whether or not to throw at the NFL Combine.

Carr has plenty of good and bad tape on his throwing in real live game situations, plus he was at the Senior Bowl a few weeks back. As of now Carr is weighing his options about throwing:

"Right now we're training, making sure we're getting everything right," Carr told The Wheelhouse radio show. "As we get closer to it, I'll know better."

Carr is considered one of the four best quarterbacks in this draft alongside Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater and Blake Bortles. Various mock drafts have Carr being taken in the top-five, late first round or even in the second round. As of now Manziel is not going to throw at the combine nor his pro day, Bortles is still deciding and there is noword on what Bridgewater will do.

There are risks throwing because the environment is different and the shuffling of different wide receivers through the line, and timing will certainly be an issue and can make quarterbacks look poor.

If Carr does not throw he will still have the option to throw to his own wide receivers at Fresno State's pro days. Also, Carr is being particular calculative with this decision because he is likely getting advice from his brother David Carr who has been through this process before, in addition to his representation.