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NFL Mock Draft 2014: Derek Carr plummets to the Arizona Cardinals at No. 20

Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr has taken a hit in the latest SB Nation NFL mock draft.

Ethan Miller

Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr has been projected to go in the top-10 in nearly every mock draft to date, but over at Mocking the Draft have Carr well outside of the top-10 and closer to the bottom part of the first round.

This drastic drop seems odd because even after Carr had his worst game of his career against USC he was still a top-10 pick from Mocking the Draft at No. 3 to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Now, they have Carr going to the Arizona Cardinals with the 20th pick:

Derek Carr is garnering the attention he is because he has the best arm talent in the draft. His deep ball is enough to tempt any team, but his work in a crowded pocket should scare a few teams away. Thinking about a talent like Carr in Bruce Arian's offense is an exciting image, though. Larry Fitzgerald only has so many of these catches left in him, so the Cardinals need to find a quarterback to get him the ball.

The only reason for Carr to drop this far is that Jacksonville and Tampa Bay pass on a quarterback in this draft. Seeing Carr fall to a team that won 11 games this past season could turn out to be a good fit. Arian was a great coach with the Indianapolis Colts helping Andrew Luck improve his game in the NFL, also having Fitzgerald to toss the ball to could be a great combination; even if for a few years.

The big selling point is that Carr would not have to be rushed in to be a starter from the first day of camp. He very well could earn that spot but he will not be called into save the franchise.