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Sweet 16: Apparently, Arizona has already defeated San Diego State

A leaked webpage at the Arizona bookstore showed the school advertising an Elite Eight shirt.

Even hidden or not advertised webpages are in danger of being found, and that is what happened to the Arizona online school store when a page was found advertising an Elite Eight appearance. It is common practice to have designs ready to go to be able to maximize revenue as quickly as possible.

The school ended up having to send out a release about the goof:

"The University of Arizona BookStores experienced an unintentional leak of a hidden web page that was never meant for public release," the statement read. "This page included designs created in preparation for March Madness, a common practice for most retailers. The mistake does not reflect any assumptions about tournament outcomes and the UA BookStores sincerely regrets the error."

San Diego State fans, players and coaches can take this anyway they would like, but make no mistake that the Aztecs have similar mock ups of Elite Eight and even Final Four shirts made up if they win. The only difference is that San Diego State has not published those online.

The two teams will get a chance to prove it in on the court Thursday night in a rematch to decide if Arizona or San Diego State will advance to the Elite Eight.