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NCAA tournament 2014, San Diego State vs. New Mexico State video highlights

San Diego State escaped over New Mexico State late on Thursday night in overtime. Watch how the game unfolded.

San Diego State blew a late lead in regulation against New Mexico State, but the Aztecs got the job done late Thursday night. So, how did the Aztecs let the Aggies back in the game, well here are a few highlights and GIFs from the game to explain what happened to San Diego State in their collapse, and then eventual win.

Here is the play where San Diego State tried to inbounds ball too quickly and then led to New Mexico State having one last possession, they took advantage of to sink the game-tying three-point shot.



And here is that three-point shot:


(Both via SB Nation)

San Diego State now takes on No. 12 seed North Dakota State Saturday night on TNT at 6:10 p.m. ET.