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Former San Diego State forward Josh Davis works out for Hornets, will work out for Lakers, Magic, more

The North Carolina native began his NBA workouts this past Monday with the Charlotte Hornets and will continue working out for NBA teams until the NBA Draft.

Jeff Gross

Hold on a second, everybody. Xavier Thames isn't the only former Aztec whose name could be called next Thursday at the 2014 NBA Draft. Former SDSU forward Josh Davis, whom coach Steve Fisher called the "missing piece" that the Aztecs needed to be truly great, is also drawing the attention of NBA scouts.

According to Davis' Twitter page, the 23-year-old prospect has been hard at work this offseason, working out with the likes of fellow NBA prospect Clint Capela. Now, Davis is working out for NBA teams.

He began his NBA workouts Monday, June 16, with his hometown Charlotte HornetsIn his draft workout interview, Davis says that the workout went great, that he wanted to show the Hornets his defensive ability, his hard work, and his ball-handling ability for his size (6'8", 215 pounds). Aztec fans can attest to Davis' ball-handling skills, as they've seen the big-man lead fast-breaks and take defenders one-on-one outside the paint all year.

Davis' SDSU legacy will be his defensive tenacity and especially his rebounding skills, as he grabbed 10.2 rebounds per game--good for 15th in the country. But his Hornets workout video shows the former SDSU big man taking and knocking down jump shots, including 3-point shots--shots he would never take at SDSU. Davis clearly has worked on his game to be more attractive to NBA teams. Check out the video here.

In the workout video, Davis says he will work out for the Orlando Magic, the Los Angeles Lakers, and possibly the Dallas Mavericks and San Antonio Spurs (wouldn't that be something: Kawhi and Kawhi 2.0 on the same team).

DraftExpress ranks Davis the 59th best senior in the 2014 draft class. Davis doesn't sit on the mock drafts out there on the Internet, but only NBA scouts know who they want on their team. We will see come draft night.