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Week 5 Mountain West football power rankings: Poll gets flipped upside down

We have a new set of rankings and a whole lot of changes happened this week.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The latest Mountain West Connection power poll saw a lot of shakeups after the Week 5 results, and those results caused havoc on our power poll. There is a new No. 1 team atop poll after Nevada topped San Jose State and they share that honor with Colorado State who upset Boston College on the road.

Ties are a theme in this poll with the No. 1, 6 and 8 spots are shared by another team.

Boise State only fell two spots after getting manhandled by Air Force on Saturday, and the Falcons moved up but only two spots despite its 3-1 record.

Overall, this league is a complete mess and I say that in the best possible way. What I mean by that is that there is no clear cut favorite as the Mountain West has seen in the past. Usually there are two or three teams that have a shot to win the conference, but at this point in the year there are a number of teams that can make a claim to win the conference title.

With multiple teams in the hunt to win its division should make for an exciting Mountain West season now that conference play is underway.

Have a look at the latest set of rankings.

Team Division
1. Nevada LW: 2 West
1. Colorado State  LW: 3 Mountain
3. Boise State LW: 1 Mountain
4. San Diego State LW: 4 West
5. Air Force LW: 7 Mountain
6. Utah State LW: 6 Mountain
6. Wyoming LW: 4 Mountain
8. Fresno State LW: 8 West
9. Hawaii LW: 9 West
9. San Jose State L W: 10 West
11. New Mexico LW: 11 Mountain
12. UNLV LW: 12 West