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2014 Mountain West Football, Week 5: What did we learn?

With another week in the books for the Mountain West, do we know anything more than last week? Maybe.

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This past week of Mountain West football gave us more questions than answers with some of the results that happened in Week 5 Mountain West action.

Who is the best team in the Mountain West?

Boise State lost, and badly, to Air Force, Nevada snuck by San Jose State and San Diego State easily topped UNLV but lost starting quarterback Quinn Kaehler to injury. This is the first year in many that there are no clear cut winners in the Mountain West. Colorado State got a big win over Boston College and maybe Fresno State is back in the race after topping New Mexico.

There might be more answers next week as Boise State travels to Nevada and Fresno State hosts San Diego State.

7, 9, 14

Those numbers are significant as they represent seven turnovers, nine penalties and just 14 points in Boise State's loss to Air Force. Boise State shot its self in the foot but also give credit to Air Force who made plays on many of those seven take aways. The Broncos could be turning to redshirt freshman Ryan Finley to take over for quarterback Grant Hedrick. This is the second game where Hedrick threw four interceptions, the other being the opener against Ole Miss. So, the big question is if Boise State has dropped off enough to no longer be a threat to win the league.

Has Air Force turned a corner?

This Falcons defensive effort was its best in probably a decade, if not ever, in its win over Boise State Saturday afternoon. Air Force is looking like a team that could get to six wins and make a bowl appearance after going just 2-10 last year. If the Falcons make a bowl game they might have an even bigger celebration than the one after topping Boise State.

Quarterback positions solved?

Fresno State and New Mexico each had issues at quarterback by playing multiple signal callers -- as has Hawaii. The Bulldogs and Lobos played each other on Friday night and both stuck to one primary quarterback with Fresno State sticking with Brian Burrell and New Mexico going with Lamar Jordan despite starting senior Clayton Mitchem.

Sticking with one guy could help each team be more productive than bouncing back and forth with various signal callers.

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