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Wyoming Cowboys 2014 Depth Chart

Here is the two-deep look you'll see from the Cowboys as they head into Mountain West media days.


Wyoming heads into Mountain West media days with a new head coach in Craig Bohl, a new offense/defense and a change in philosophy/mentality.  The Cowboys bring back majority of their defensive starters but offensively still have some question marks, namely at quarterback entering Fall.

Most teams heading into Las Vegas on Tuesday and Wednesday release their initial depth chart then but here is a look at Wyoming's depth chart exiting the Spring.


Position No. 1st String No. 2nd String
Quarterback 11 Colby Kirkegaard (RSr.) 13 Tom Thornton (So.)
Runningback 7 D.J. May (RSo.) 21 Shaun Wick (Jr.)
Fullbacks 36 Drew Van Maanen (RFr.)
Wide Receivers (Z) 33 Dominic Rufran (Sr.)
1 Jalen Claiborne (Sr.)
Wide Receivers (X) 83 Jake Maulhardt (So.)
4 Tanner Gentry (So.)
Tight Ends 25 J.D. Krill (Sr.) 88 Jacob Hollister (So.)
Left Tackles 78 Nathan Leddige (So.)
68 Brayton Medina (RFr.)
Left Guards 73 Chase Roullier (So.)
52 Sam Hardy (So.)
Centers 63 Rafe Kiely (Jr.)
76 Jacob English (So.)
Right Guards 72 Jake Jones (Jr.)
64 Charlie Renfree (RFr.)
Right Tackles 77 Connor Rains (Sr.)
58 Taylor Knestis (RFr.)


Position No. 1st String No. 2nd String
Field Cornerbacks 20 Blair Burns (Sr.)
14 Tyran Finley (RJr.)
Free Safeties 13 Darrenn White (Sr.)
16 Cortland Fort (So.)
Strong Safeties 5 Jesse Sampson (Sr.)
23 Tim Kamana (RFr.)
Boundary Cornerbacks 4 DeAndre Jones (Sr.)
29 Tim Hayes (So.)
Strong-Side (SAM) Linebackers 21 Mark Nzeocha (Sr.)
3 Jeff Lark (Jr.)
Middle (MIKE) Linebackers 1 Jordan Stanton (Sr.)
53 Alex Borgs (Sr.)
Weak-Side (WILL) Linebackers 43 Devyn Harris (Sr.)
45 Lucas Wacha (So.)
Defensive Ends 55/50 Eddie Yarbrough (Jr.) / Sonny Puletasi (Sr.)
42/34 Riley Lange (Sr.) / Siaosi Hala’api’api (Jr.)
Defensive Tackles 95 Patrick Mertens (Sr.)
51 Troy Boyland (RJr.)

Nose Tackles

90 Uso Olive (So.)

Chase Appleby (So.)


Position No. 1st String No. 2nd String
Place Kickers 40 Stuart Williams (Sr.)
39 Justin Martin (Jr.)
Punters 41 Ethan Wood (So.)
92 Matt Barr (RFr.)
Holders 9 Sam Stratton (Sr.)
11 Colby Kirkegaard (RSr.)
Long Snappers 94 Brendan Turelli (So.)
36 Drew Van Maanen (RFr.)
Punt Returners 1 Jalen Claiborne (Sr.)
20 Blair Burns (Sr.)
Kickoff Returns TBA TBA