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2014 Top 50 Mountain West players: Honorable mention list

The top 50 list is finally here (sorry about the week-plus delay) and we will be counting down the best players in the Mountain West through our writing staff.

Rob Carr

The top 50 list for the 2014 season is FINALLY here (sorry about the delay folks). A handful of our staff members got together and ranked the 50 best players so the list will be a composite of eight total writers which gives us a decent sample size.

We will be posting two players a day, one in the morning and one in the evening, for the first 15 days which will be the top 30, and then we will go daily for the 20 best players.

The first list is the players who earned votes but did not make the final cut, and the fun thing about this list we are putting together is that we can all see who ranked who where. There were an additional 44 players who did not make the cut and here is that order with schools, and there is quite a variety.

A huge thanks to BenPhillips27 who helped put together this composite for those who were not in the top 50.

51 Jared Roberts CSU K
52 Aaron Davis CSU LB
53 Kenneth Penny UNLV CB
54 Jonathan McNeal Nevada LB
55 Kyrie Wilson Fresno St LB
56 Mark Nzeocha Wyoming LB
57 Brian Douglas Boise St CB
58 Jarrod Lawson San Jose St RB
59 Rykeem Yates Nevada DT
60 Tanner Vallejo Boise St LB
61 David Petersen San Jose St C
62 Donavan Lewis Fresno St LB
63 Corey Bell Boise St DB
64 Sonny Puletasi Wyoming DE
65 Joe Hill USU RB
66 Tyler Horn Boise St DT
67 Terry Poole San Diego St OL
68 Ben Weaver Boise St LB
69 Charles Washington Fresno St S
70 Broam Hart Air Force RB
71 Darian Thompson Boise St S
72 Nick Vigil USU LB
73 Billy Freeman San Jose St TE
74 Karl Mickelson Fresno St LB
75 Jamal Price UNM OL
76 Tajh Hasson UNLV CB
77 Vince Buhagiar San Jose St LB
78 Don Jackson Nevada RB
79 Jon Lee Air Force RB
80 Brandon Swindall USU WR
81 Brandon Connette Fresno St QB
82 Jake Jones Wyoming OL
83 Marcus Sullivan UNLV WR
84 Cole Gautche UNM QB
85 Dakota Cox UNM LB
86 Richy Turner Nevada WR
87 Justin Northern Fresno St OL
88 Marteze Waller Fresno St RB
89 Ben Clarke Hawaii OL
90 Scott Harding Hawaii P/WR
91 Christian Spears Air Force S
92 Dasheon Frierson San Jose St CB
93 Shaquille M-L UNLV RB
94 Will Conant Air Force K

First up will be the players who were ranked by our staff but did not make the cut and who voted for who, this list below will be updated daily with the updated list.

Composite Ben Mitchum Chris Turner Chris Hondros Jeremy Mauss Matthew_K Jacob Schildgen BenPhillips27 Scott Tejerian
16. Bryan Douglas, DB, Boise State
17. David Peterson, OL, San Jose St
22. Corey Bell, DB, Colorado State
24. Kyrie Wilson, LB, Fresno State
26. Rykeem Yates, DT, Nevada
27. Aaron Davis, LB, Colorado State
Terry Poole, OL, San Diego State
28. Mark Nzeocha, LB, Wyoming
Kenneth Penny, CB, UNLV
29. Jared Roberts, K, Colorado State Charles Washington, S, Fresno State
30. Jonathan McNeal, LB, Nevada
31. Tanner Vallejo, LB, Boise State
Kyrie Wilson, LB, Fresno State
32. Jarrod Lawson, RB, SJSU
Tanner Vallejo, LB, Boise State Billy Freeman, TE, SJSU
33. Nick Vigil, LB, Utah State Karl Mickelsen. LB, Fresno State
34. Joe Hill, RB, Utah State Darian Thompson, S, Boise State Jarrod Lawson, RB, SJSU
Aaron Davis, LB, Colorado State
35. Donovan Lewis, LB, Fresno State
36. Sonny Puletasi, DE, Wyoming
Jamal Price, OL, New Mexico Rykeem Yates, DT, Nevada
37. Tajh Hasson, CB, UNLV
Ben Weaver, LB, Boise State
38. Jonathan McNeal, LB, Nevada
Don Jackson, RB, Nevada
Jonathan McNeal, LB, Nevada
39. Jon Lee, RB, Air Force
40. Broam Hart, RB, Air Force Joe Hill, RB, Utah State
Mark Nzeocha, LB, Wyoming
41. Sonny Puletasi, DE, Wyoming Broam Hart, RB, Air Force
42. Tyler Horn, DT, Boise State Vince Buhagiar, LB, San Jose State Brandon Swindall, WR, Utah State
43. Ben Weaver, LB, Boise State
44. Mark Nzeocha, LB, Wyoming
45. Marcus Sullivan, WR, UNLV
Brandon Connette, QB, Fresno State
46. Richy Turner, WR, Nevada Brian Douglas, DB, Boise State
Cole Gautsche, QB, New Mexico Dakota Cox. LB, New Mexico
47. Jake Jones, OL, Wyoming Vince Buhagiar, LB, SJSU
Sonny Puletasi, DE, Wyoming
Jarrod Lawson, RB, SJSU
Marteze Waller, RB, Fresno State
Justin Northern, OL, Fresno State
48. Darian Thompson, S, Boise State Scott Harding, WR/KR, Hawaii
Nick Vigil, LB, Utah State
Ben Clarke, OL, Hawaii Kenneth Penny, DB, UNLV
49. Jake Jones, OL, Wyoming Dasheon Frierson, CB, SJSU Shaquille Murray-Lawrence, RB, UNLV Christian Spears, S, Air Force
50. Will Conant, K, Air Force
Jared Roberts, k, Colorado State Vince Buhagiar, LB, SJSU Ben Weaver, LB, Boise State Jonathan McNeal, LB, Nevada Jared Roberts, k, Colorado State Darian Thompson, S, Boise State