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2014 Mountain West top 50 player countdown list

As the season approaches our staff members compiled their own top-50 list of Mountain West players.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

For the second straight year our staff is putting together our very own Mountain West top 50 player list. Our staff members put together their list of 50 best players, and the criteria is best so it can  mean very different things for each person.

The list will be most a daily countdown (there could be some double dipping to get the list up in time) counting down from 50 to 1 and also showing which writer voted for what player and also in what position.

The entire countdown will be posted in a StoryStream right here so that everyone can follow along, and of course any feedback is appreciated whether you love or hate the picks. With 50 players on this list there will be plenty of good players left off, and because of that we also will have an honorable mention article as well for those players who were on our staff's list but didn't make the cut.

So, enjoy this list as it rolls out this week, and it means that we are just one step closer to the 2014 college football season.