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Selection committee poll will determine host of Mountain West title game

The 2014 Mountain West title game host will be determined by the playoff selection committee.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The Mountain West will use the College Football Playoff selection committee's poll to determine which division winner will host the second-ever league title game. Last year, the host was determined by the BCS rankings, and that was Utah State, but this time around actual humans will make the call, well maybe.

The school that is ranked the highest in the College Football Playoff poll will host the title game, but if there are no Mountain West teams ranked then the old six BCS computer formulas -- yes, these six are still around; Wolfe, Anderson/Hester, Billingsley, Colley, Massey and Sagarin -- will then be the deciding factor in the title game host.

The 13-person selection committee's weekly poll will be produced weekly beginning Oct. 25 and go through the final weekend of the regular season.

As for UNLV, they are on probation for low APR scores and the Mountain West has decided that they will not be eligible to partake in the conference title game, and the simple solution is to have the next best team in the West division to take their place.

The College Football Playoff poll will also be used to determine which non-power conference team will earn the automatic bid to one of the big money New Year's Day bowl games.