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Week 10 Mountain West power poll: Boise State getting closer to Colorado State

There is some movement in our Week 10 Mountain West power poll, but not a lot.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The top four spots in the latest Mountain West power poll remained the same but Colorado State is losing ground to Boise State. There are anywhere from 12 to 15 voters who participate in the poll and since that number is not always the same vote totals and points aren't give out. This week we make an exception on that.

There were 15 voters this week and 11 voted the Rams first, three second and one person gave them a third-place vote. Boise State earned four first-place votes and in the overall number of points trail Colorado State by only six points, so things are heating up.

The only changes came in the middle of the poll. San Diego State dropped a spot after losing to Nevada and Wyoming moved up two spots after toppling Fresno State. As for the Bulldogs, they are now all the way down to the ninth spot in the poll. There is a new basement leader this week and that belongs to UNLV who fell to New Mexico this past Saturday.

Have a look at the latest set of rankings.

Team Division
1. Colorado State  LW: 1 Mountain
2. Boise State LW: 2 Mountain
3. Utah State LW: 3 Mountain
4. Nevada LW: 4 West
5. Air Force LW:  6 Mountain
6. San Diego State LW: 5 West
7. Wyoming LW : 9 Mountain
8. San Jose State LW: 8 West
9. Fresno State LW: 7 West
10. New Mexico LW: 12 Mountain
11. Hawaii LW: 10 West
12. UNLV LW : 11 West