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New Mexico Football: The Lobos will shock the world and beat the Rams

New Mexico is looking to pull the upset beating the No. 22 Colorado Sate on the road this weekend.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The New Mexico Lobos will face one of the Mountain Division's leads for the third week in a row. The previous two weeks they have faced Boise State and Utah State. In both games the Lobos had many opportunities to win but they were unable to make plays when needed. The fact that the Lobos are playing the top conferences teams so close is good but at some point they have to make the plays and get a win.

This week the Lobos will face the No. 22 Colorado State Rams. The trip Fort Collins, Colorado, will complete the most difficult part of the Lobos schedule. New Mexico will be a heavy underdog but here are my reasons why the Lobos can upset the Rams and end their hopes of participating in a Big Six bowl game.

1. Big Plays: As of late the Lobos have become a big play team. It doesn't matter if it's come from a big run, or long pass or defensive or special teams play the Lobos have been doing it. The Lobos have seven players this year to record a rushing attempt over 50 yards this year. The Lobos will need big plays especially if they fall behind in Saturday's game.

2. The Triple option: The Lobos are 5th in the nation in averaging 318 yards a game. Every week opposing coaches and fans vow that their team will stop the Lobos but no one has yet. The Lobos have even lost their top two running backs and their starting quarterback and the Triple Option continues to work. The Lobos will rack up at least 300 yards on Saturday against the Rams the key will be if they can turn their long drives into touchdowns.

3. The Spoiler: There would be nothing better for the Lobos but to play the spoiler, the Rams control their destiny for the Mountain Division Championship and have a clear path to the at large bid for a bid in one of the Big Six Bowl games. The rams would have to win out in the regular season and win the Mountain West Conference Championship game.   A win for the Lobos would dash all of those Hopes and relegate the Rams to a lesser Bowl game.