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Week 12 Mountain West football standings: This week's game could change things

A look at the Mountain West standings as we head into Week 12.

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

Both the Mountain and West divisions are nicely taking shape and that should be the case with most teams having two or three games left in the regular season. That does not mean that there isn't excitement to be head on who will win either division.

Boise State and Nevada are in the drivers seat of each of their division and if they win out they will play each other once again in the Mountain West title game.

In the Mountain there is still the possibility of Colorado State, Utah State and even Air Force to win that division. Colorado State needs for Boise State to lose one league game and then also win out to get in the title game.

Utah State needs a Colorado State loss and also win out, and that includes defeating Boise State on the final weekend of the season. Air Force needs a lot more help as they need to win the rest of its game, which includes a win over Colorado State, Utah State losing twice and Boise State once. Basically, Air Force is out.

In the West it is Nevada but they have a tough matchup between Air Force on Saturday and a lose there could open things up for San Diego State, Fresno State and even San Jose State. The Aztecs have a tough game by playing at Boise State and are a more realistic challenger to win the West than the Bulldogs and Spartans.

Mountain West Standings

Nevada 3-2 6-3
San Diego State 3-2 5-4
Fresno State 3-3 4-6
San Jose State 2-3 3-6
Hawaii 1-4 2-8
UNLV 1-5 2-8
Colorado State 5-1 9-1
Boise State 4-1 7-2
Utah State 4-1 7-3
Air Force 3-2 7-2
Wyoming 2-4 4-6
New Mexico 1-4 3-6