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Week 11 Mountain West football power poll: Colorado State, Boise State stay atop

Not much movement this week in our latest Mountain West power poll.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Another week and after another set of games and that means the latest edition of the power rankings. Sorry to disappoint but these rankings are almost exactly the same as the past week. Colorado State and Boise State plus the top seven remain the same.

Colorado State was not a unanimous choice as Utah State earned the one first-place vote that did not go to Colorado State. Boise State had a pair of voters put them at third and that was due to the scare against New Mexico.

The only change in the poll has San Jose State and Fresno State swapping spots at the eight and night spot, so pretty uneventful this week but have a look.

Have a look at the latest set of rankings.

Team Division
1. Colorado State  LW: 1 Mountain
2. Boise State LW: 2 Mountain
3. Utah State LW: 3 Mountain
4. Nevada LW: 4 West
5. Air Force LW: 5 Mountain
6. San Diego State LW: 6 West
7. Wyoming LW : 7 Mountain
8. Fresno State LW: 9 West
9. San Jose State LW: 8 West
10. New Mexico LW: 10 Mountain
11. Hawaii LW: 11 West
12. UNLV LW : 12 West