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2014 Mountain West Football, Week 11: What did we learn?

With another week in the books for the Mountain West, do we know anything more than last week? Maybe.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Week 11 is in the books for Mountain West football and there were some off teams, but for those who played what did we take away from those games.

Basketball season is here, but this is really was a football game

Boise State 60, New Mexico 49. This game was just plain crazy and New Mexico nearly pulled off an upset that not only would have given the program a huge boost, but also would have changed the landscape of the Mountain Division.

Just take a look at these stats:



The big difference came in the second half when the Boise State coaches made adjustments to slow down the New Mexico attack. Plus, it hurt the Lobos that running back Jhurell Pressley had to leave the game, and that allowed Boise State to not have to focus on multiple backs. That also led to quarterback Lamar Jordan to throw more than the team wanted him to on multiple long third down attempts.

Then the play of the game that changed it all was this fourth down run by Jordan where first ruled a first down, but after review it was overturned. The call was extremely close and below is visual evidence of how close it was and that Jordan's elbow hit the ground.

New Mexico is close to being a good team, and Boise State is glad that there are no more triple-option teams on the schedule.

Fresno State played just one quarterback for an entire game, and won

Nebraska, San Diego State, UNLV, Boise State and San Jose State. Those games represent half of the season for Fresno State and it also indicates that the only games that the Bulldogs have used just one quarterback. Heading into Saturday's game against Spartans, Fresno State was 1-3 in those games, but on Saturday night Fresno State showed up and defeated San Jose State.

Brian Burrell got the start and did not get pulled and in the process he was very efficient by completing 20 of 26 for 207 yards that went along three touchdowns and an interception. Yardage wasn't there but the passing game overall was quite well.

Utah State's defense is good, offense getting by

Utah State improved to 7-3 in a 20-3 win over Wyoming and forced a pair of turnovers and held Cowboys quarterback Colby Kirkegaard to just 20 of 40 passing for 212 yards. Freshman running back Brian Hill was able to move the ball with 112 yards for the Cowboys. However, the key for the Aggies defense was not allowing any touchdowns.

The defense will keep Utah State in every game this year, including against Boise State in the season finale, but the offense needs work. The running game is still a question but LeJuan Hunt looks to be emerging and Kent Myers is still being held back with short passes.