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Week 7 Mountain West standings: Clarity is coming this week

Time to take a look at the Mountain West standings now that conference play is in full swing.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

This upcoming Week 7 marks the first week of Mountain West play that there are no out of conference games. There are 10 teams in action spread out over five games. Now is as good a time as any to take a look at the conference standings before league is in full force.

After a poor start to the year the West division leader is Fresno State with a 2-0 record and it is likely to increase to 3-0 as they play UNLV on Friday night. The West will more than likely beat each other up since Fresno State still has to play Nevada and that same Wolf Pack team has to play both Fresno State and San Diego State. San Jose State could be a darkhorse in the West but they have already lost to Nevada a few weeks back.

The Mountain division is also likely to come down to the wire. Wyoming leads the division now at 1-0 and has what is no looking like a very good win over Air Force and the Cowboys could very well be 2-0 after they play at Hawaii late Saturday night. The loses will probably come once Wyoming plays Boise State, Utah State and Colorado State later this year.

The team in the best position is both Utah State and Boise State. The Aggies have yet to start to play league action and despite the loss to Air Force, Boise State has a big win over Colorado State and that big win could be a tiebreaking factor if one is needed to see who will represent the Mountain division in the Mountain West title game.

Fresno State 2-0 3-3
Nevada 1-1 3-2
San Diego State 1-1 2-3
San Jose State 1-1 2-3
Hawaii 0-0 1-4
UNLV 0-2 1-5
Wyoming 1-0 3-2
Boise State 2-1 4-2
Air Force 1-1 4-1
Utah State 0-0 3-2
Colorado State 0-1 4-1
New Mexico 0-1 2-3