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Mountain West title odds: Looking at each teams chances

We use ESPN's Football Power Index to see what Mountain West team has the best chance to when their respective decision.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

There has been a lot of talk within our little corner of the universe over what team is really the best in the Mountain West. Colorado State holds down the top spot in our power poll, but Boise State has the inside track to win the Mountain division.

Taking a look at ESPN Football Power Index will give everyone a look at what a teams chances are to go undefeated as well as win the conference. These are broken up by division and in order, too. To the shock of no one -- and also what we have said on this site -- Boise State is the overwhelming favorite to win the Mountain division and by ESPN's numbers have over a 50 percent chance to win the conference.

Colorado State needs help with a Boise State loss and that is why its percentage to win the league is just 10 percent, but if Boise State were to trip up that number would likely sky rocket.

In the other division, it is a surprise to see Nevada such a huge favorite in the West in terms of winning out and over a 20 percent chance to win the conference. Things will change drastically in the West since San Diego State and Nevada play each other this weekend.

On the other end of the spectrum there is Wyoming, New Mexico and UNLV given zero percent chance to win the conference, and technically Hawaii is still has a chance at 0.1 percent.

Who knows, maybe if the West has five teams with two loses it may break the FPI? One can only hope.

Team % to win out % to win conference
Boise State 39 55.1
Colorado State 22.4 10.8
Utah State 3.0 3.4
Air Force 2.1 0.6
Wyoming 0.4 0.0
New Mexico 0.1 0.0

Team % to win out % to win conference
Nevada 11.6 21.6
San Diego State 0.3 3.8
Fresno State 1.7 3.2
San Jose State 0.2 1.5
Hawaii 0.3 0.1
UNLV 0.0 0.0