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Week 9 Mountain West football rankings: OK, who gave Utah State a first-place vote

The top two spots stay the same but three through six is where the movement is at in this week's power poll.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The latest edition of our staff power poll saw the first and second place teams stayed the same, and at the other end the poll the seven through 12 spots stay the same, too. The most drastic change was seeing Air Force drop from the third spot to the sixth spot despite not even playing this past week.

Utah State moved up despite being down to a true freshman quarterback in Kent Myers, but it seems the voters are still good with the Aggies since its defense is so dominant. There is so much faith in Utah State that one voter even put them atop of their ballot.

Nevada moves up two spots after getting past Hawaii and San Diego State moves up while taking the week off with a bye.

Have a look at the latest set of rankings.

Team Division
1. Colorado State  LW: 1 Mountain
2. Boise State LW: 2 Mountain
3. Utah State LW: 4 Mountain
4. Nevada LW: 6 West
5. San Diego State LW: 5 West
6. Air Force LW: 3 Mountain
7. Fresno State LW: 7 West
8. San Jose State LW: 8 West
9. Wyoming LW: 9 Mountain
10. Hawaii LW: 10 West
11. UNLV LW: 11 West
12. New Mexico LW: 12 Mountain