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Mid-season Mountain West football awards

Vote in our mid-season Mountain West awards.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Mountain West season is at the halfway point and now that means we are having a very (un)necessary mid-season voting for all of those fun awards. There will be a podcast with staff results for these same questions, but we like to get all of the readers involved so we will give everyone a chance to vote on who is the best in this league so far.

Our podcast will be recorded on Thursday night and we will post sometime late that night or Friday morning, and we will include the results from this poll and use them on the show, and if there is a tie in our staff vote then we will use the reader vote as the tiebreaker.

Have fun and fill out those ballots, and fill out the comments if there is something that we are way off base on who the nominees are. If you are feeling plucky, go ahead and make some season end projections.