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Week 7 Mountain West football power rankings: Colorado Sate holds top spot

For the first time in weeks the top team in our staff's latest power rankings remains the same.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time in weeks the top spot in our weekly power rankings has the same team: Colorado State. The Rams held off Nevada's comeback to improve to 5-1 and that was enough to retain at the top. The No. 1 spot was not unanimous, Utah State snagged a pair of first-place votes after they beat Air Force.

That win for Utah State propelled them to the second spot and knocked down the idle Boise State Broncos to the third spot. The biggest jumper saw San Diego State move up from the eighth spot to the fourth spot after beating lowly New Mexico. That seems to be a course correction after losing to Fresno State the week prior.

The fourth, fifth and sixth spots were extremely close as they were separated by a mere four points in this week's poll. With the season at the midway point it is slowly, very slowly, beginning to take shape who the best teams in the conference are at this point. Colorado State seems to slowly pulling away with Utah State -- yes Boise State since they thrashed the Rams in Week 2 -- as the best teams in this league.

Have a look at the latest set of rankings.

Team Division
1. Colorado State  LW: 1 Mountain
2. Utah State LW: 3 Mountain
3. Boise State LW: 2 Mountain
4. San Diego State LW: 8 West
5. Nevada LW: 4 West
6. Air Force LW: 5 Mountain
7. Wyoming LW: 7 Mountain
8. San Jose State LW: 9 West
9. Fresno State LW: 6 West
10. Hawaii LW: 11 West
11. UNLV LW: 12 West
12. New Mexico LW: 10 Mountain