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Week 7 Mountain West football: What did we learn?

With another week in the books for the Mountain West, do we know anything more than last week? Maybe.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

This past week of Mountain West football gave us more questions than answers with some of the results that happened in Week 7 Mountain West action.

Hawaii is first in the West with a bunch of no names, literally

This is not photo-shopped, it is what appears on Pereese Joas' bio on ESPN.


Hawaii shocks Wyoming, 38-28, and for the time being are the leaders in the West Division. This lead is not likely to stick around, so the Rainbow Warriors better soak it in.

Can Nevada play a complete game this year?

For the second straight week the Nevada Wolf Pack let its opposing team take a double-digit second half lead, but then wake up to make the game close yet still fall short in these games. Nevada has the offense with quarterback Cody Fajardo and a group of wide receivers who can catch the ball.

However, the defense is allowing so many points that the offense needs to be perfect and score points on nearly every drive to get a win. If the Wolf Pack defense improve just a little bit then this team could be, as some thought, the best team in the Mountain West.

Zach Vigil is tired of all the credit going to his brother Nick Vigil.

Nick Vigil stepped up his game where not only did he run the ball for the second straight game and have 11 tackles, but he also completed a pair of passes. However, his older brother, Zach Vigil, decided the time came to show up his little brother with 22 tackles and also this extra effort to make the tackle.

The West Division is a mess

Fresno State loss to UNLV and San Diego State did what it could to almost lose to New Mexico. The Aztecs will likely go bowling and Nevada but beyond that there might not be another West team that goes to the post season. San Jose State still has questions and is just 2-3, Fresno State is 3-4 and Nevada is 3-3 with a backloaded schedule that could make it difficult to reach the magic number of six wins to become bowl eligible.