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San Diego State baseball team plays their annual Halloween costume game

The Internet is the greatest thing ever, and the second best things is San Diego State's annual game where the players dress up in costume for the event.

The video itself speaks volumes but the best part of the video is the Cool Runnings costume that five of the players dress up as, and for easy viewing here is a GIF of that, thanks to SB Nation.


Also, huge props go to Kirk Kenney who wrote the press release and including the costumes right along side with the action, and yes it is as wonderful as one might imagine:

The Jamaican Bobsled Team made an appearance Sunday at Tony Gwynn Stadium in the SDSU baseball team's third annual Halloween Game.

The Bobsled Team was the hit of the afternoon, the five-man car step, step, step, step, stepping to the plate in the top of the second inning.

C.J. Saylor was up front with a bat in his hands, with Tyler Sapp, Mark Seyler, Danny Sheehan and Cody Thompson along for the ride.

Saylor fouled off several pitches before popping up behind the second base bag. The ball was dropped but the Bobsledders were still thrown out from center field. It was a pity because many in the crowd were eager to see the Bobsled on the bases, where it really gets jammin'. (Note for next year: a two-man car would make for easier sledding).


Lifeguard Greg Allen, with zinc oxide on his nose and a floatie around his waist, led off the game with a single to center field for the Red Team. Blonde bombshell Tim Zier hit into a double play to erase the threat before Baby Ty France grounded out to shortstop to end the inning. Wah!

Charger Girl Brad Haynal started the scoring in the top of the second inning for the Red Team when he put a jolt into a pitch and sent it over the left-field fence.

There is much more to that so go read the whole thing, and next year I want to see more baseball teams do this.