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2014 Heart of Dallas Bowl: UNLV doesn't mind losing money

Even though UNLV is losing money on their trip to the Heart of Dallas Bowl, they are perfectly fine with the other benefits of going to a bowl game.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sp

The Heart of Dallas Bowl is the first postseason game for UNLV football game since the Rebels stayed home to play in the Las Vegas Bowl back in 2000. Safe to say that this is a big deal for UNLV football to make it to a bowl game.

This bowl game pays out $1.1 million but the stupid rule of ticket allotment forces UNLV to be responsible of $400,000 worth of tickets, so far they have sold just 300 of their 5,000 ticket allotments. That is twice as much as the Armed Forces Bowl which UNLV swapped from, and due to that UNLV will ask for some help from the league to cover their likely loss.

We could dive into the scam that is ticket guarantees, but that is something for another day; at least this year the bowl game did not advertise tickets on Groupon for half off like they did last season.

Athletic director Tina Kunzer-Murphy knows there is a loss and is not worried about what the loss will be since being in a bowl game will help the school in other ways:

"I don't think you put a price on it," Kunzer-Murphy said. "... I think you're going to see the dividends over the years because of something like this tomorrow morning on national TV."

UNLV being a bowl game is a big deal for exposure to help with recruiting and even getting a few more applicants to the school. Plus, with this game being the first game in the morning there will be a decent amount of people watching this game as the appetizer to the other bowl games, but any exposure is good exposure even if it means they will be costing