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Fresno State vs. San Jose State Preview

San Jose State has a challenge with a very limited roster when they take on Fresno State.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Fresno State will put their three game win streak on the line tonight when they go to battle against San Jose State, a team just looking to score above 40 points. Fresno State is by no means having a memorable season, but their not done yet. Fresno State is currently ranked second in the Mountain West, and they could still shake some things up in that conference come February or March. The Spartans on the other hand, haven’t won a game since December ninth, which puts the historic losing streak at six. Also 0-4 in conference play San Jose State ranks 321 in the latest RPI rankings.

While Fresno State is currently tied for second in the Mountain  West Conference, if San Jose State pulls off the most improbable in the Event Center tonight, the Bulldogs would be the laughing stock of the Mountain West. San Jose State doesn't rank better than 213th in any offensive category, but the most depressing stat on this team is in fact, depressing.  The Spartans rank 341st in field goal percentage, a stat which was never more evident when they shot 2-9 from beyond the arc in their last embarrassment against UNLV.

If you let this team score more than fifty on you, it should count as a loss if you’re on the bubble for the tournament.  When your starting guard goes 0-11 in one game like Rashad Muhammad did, you know that he is technically your shooter, and as a shooter you’re supposed to keep shooting.  I don’t mean to call out names but you really have to, this team is just terrible.

Fresno State will rack up one more conference victory tonight and will probably score more points in the game than the Spartans do in warm ups. I want to see San Jose State win games. I don’t mean to bash them every chance I get but in as situation like this, there is no other way to look at their situation than to look at it as the glass half empty for the Spartans.

For Fresno State, they want to avoid any injuries in this game.