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GIF: Fresno State fat guy touchdown

Fresno State is playing Cal Poly, but this most amazing thing happened with this touchdown.


Fresno State is playing Cal Poly of the FCS ranks and they currently are having zero issues in this game as they lead 34-0 at the half. Quarterback Derek Carr is having a decent night by completing 17 of 14 for 147 yards and a pair of touchdowns.

However, this one touchdown is one for the ages as it combines a trick play AND a fat guy touchdown. Fresno State pulls out the good old hook-and-ladder but with a twist as left tackle Austin Wentworth busts down field to be the recipient of the pitch to score his first collegiate touchdown. To get down field as an offensive lineman is pretty amazing.

This game is on ESPN3 only so thanks to the invaluable source that is @Bubbaprog to provide us with an amazing GIF of this touchdown. So, lean back back and enjoy watching this on an endless loop of a fat guy touchdown.


Now we have video of this play: