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2013 Week 2 Mountain West Football Odds: Welp, At Least We Didn't Go 0-fer

Chris takes a look at the Mountain West Football Odds for week two, as he attempts to improve on his 2-7 opening week record.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was a mess.

Not only did the MWC performed poorly as a conference, I blew my picks after going 49-30 in the 2012 regular season. Let's turn that around, shall we?

All games are on Saturday this week, and times are listed in Pacific Time Zone.

12:00 PM: UT-Martin at Boise State (-35), O/U=57.5 - If the Broncos don't cover this spread, it'll put all of Bronco Nation in a frenzy of a panic and will possibly prove that Boise State can't score a minimum of 35 points this year.

Pick- Boise State to cover - I'm picking this for two reasons: 1. I know nothing about UT-Martin and 2. I fully expect the team to be fired up and looking to rebound from a poor showing last week.

12:30 PM: Utah State (-9.5) at Air Force, O/U=58.5- Points will be scored, that's not the question mark of this game. What could be/will be the issue is how will the Utah State defense react to seeing an offense that's new to them. If they don't plug up the holes quickly, the Aggies could be unpleasantly surprised.

Pick-Aggies to cover- This pick is very close, and I can see it going either way. However Utah State has something Air Force doesn't: Chuckie. Keeton.

12:30 PM: San Diego State at Ohio State (-28), O/U=56- This is the Aztecs chance to earn a lot of the respect they lost last week, after getting thoroughly beat down by FCS Eastern Illinois. They face a Ohio State team, who didn't exactly look impressive against Buffalo (if you consider a 20 point win unimpressive).

Pick- Buckeyes cover- That was hard Aztec fans, it really was...but both box scores from last week are still fresh in my mind, and one is decidedly more bleak than the other. It's a pick I'd happily lose if I do.

1:00 PM: Idaho at Wyoming (-28), O/U=65- This is how I imagine this game going. You decide who's who:



Pick-Wyoming covers- Brett Smith will effectively crotch-stomp the Vandals in an encore performance to last week's near victory.

4:00 PM: Colorado State at Tulsa (-10), O/U=53.5- Really Vegas? After Tulsa getting MAC'd by Bowling Green last week, you're still picking them as 10 point favorites? I know losing to Colorado isn't helping the Rams' case, but at least they were competitive.

Pick-Colorado State beats the spread- Kapri Bibbs is the deciding factor in this game. If he rushes for 100 yards or more, the Rams have a good chance to win this game.

5:00 PM: Hawaii at Oregon State (-27), O/U=55.5- Yet another ridiculously huge spread. There's a catch here, however: Hawaii's offense was inept last week while the Beavers' defense was decimated. We know the Oregon State can score (which is VERY different from the Kragthorpe/Pettibone years, RIGHT BEAVER FANS?), but we still don't know if Hawaii can stop a good offense.

Pick-Oregon State covers- Beavers of old? Not if Mike Riley can help it...either way, if Oregon State wins, they win more than you or I: IN-N'-OUT FOR EVERYONE!

5:00 PM: New Mexico at UTEP (-6.5), O/U=51.5- Kasey Carrier needs to be successful running the ball if New Mexico wants to win this game.  If Carrier can't average 4.0+ yards a carry, Jameill Showers will be sending the Lobos to the locker room with another loss.

Pick-New Mexico covers- I firmly believe that last week was a fluke and that this conference is better than advertised last week.  Also, we know absolutely nothing about UTEP, and even though Showers is an A&M transfer, he hasn't started a game since high school.

6:00 PM: UC Davis at Nevada (-18), O/U=60- The bad news is that the Wolf Pack got manhandled by what will probably be a very good UCLA team, last week.  The good news is that they can get a little revenge on the UC system this week against lowly UC Davis, who looked poor against South Dakota in a 10-7 loss to the Coyotes.  Even the Nevada defense shouldn't flub this one up.

Pick-Nevada covers- Stop Gabe Manzanares and you stop any of the Cali Aggies' momentum.

7:00 PM: Cal Poly at Fresno State (-28.5), O/U=71.5- I'm putting this one on a possible upset alert.  Fresno State put up 52 points, however gave up 51.  Cal Poly on the other hand, simply dominated the San Diego Torreros, racking up 307 yards rushing (185 by Kristaan Ivory).  At the rate FCS schools have been beating FBS schools this season, there might be one or two more in the mix.

Pick-Cal Poly beats the spread- there's no way the Mustangs will actually win this game, however, 28.5 points against a good FCS school is way too much.

7:30 PM: Arizona (-10.5) at UNLV, O/U=60.5- This game opened up at -13, so what happened?  Arizona may have beat their little FCS brothers with the better nickname (Lumberjacks might win all-time mascot name), however it was with 307 yards rushing and only 87 yards passing.  UNLV lost badly to Minnesota, but it was on essentially 4 plays that changed the complete outcome of the game.

Pick-UNLV beats the spread- I believe in Nick Sherry and Tim Cornett, and the defense looked pretty good when it didn't have to defend on a shortened field.  The Rebels will steadily improve throughout the season, and this is a good game to start.

8:00 PM: San Jose State at Stanford (-25.5), O/U=48.5- So let me get this straight, Stanford is just going to completely wipe the floor with a ragged Spartan team who can't even score 2 touchdowns (judging by the over/under)?  Cardinal fans might remember last year's Bill Walsh Legacy Game: I'll give you a hint, it nearly gave the Tree a heart attack.  The Gates of Fire await, as does 85 Spartans wielding axes.

Pick-Spartans beat the spread AND win the game- STUPID UPSET PICK OF THE WEEK! The spread says it all, the Cardinal are confident, and still unaware of what damage the Spartans can do.