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Idaho vs. Wyoming: Getting to know the Vandals

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Get to know Idaho from the fine folks over at Vandal Nation.


Wyoming takes on Idaho this week and to get to know more about Idaho Vandals football we reached out to Vandal Nation to help us out. Also, follow them on Twitter @VandalNation.

First off, how is the fan base, team and media coping being an independent for one year before heading off to the Sun Belt?

The fanbase is cautiously optimistic. On one hand I think a lot of fans are appreciating and liking the straight-forward business nature around the program right now, but until Petrino gets a signature win or strings together some success it's going to be the "same old Vandals" mantra for a lot of them. The conference situation is still one of debate, but now that Idaho has found its home I think a lot of fans and media are accepting that this is the right path for the athletic department.

Idaho gave up a lot of points against North Texas, what adjustments will be made when they take on Wyoming's offense that look good against Nebraska?

As for the defense for Idaho, it's on the defensive line to make plays. The secondary is very inexperienced and very thin, so if the defensive line can't get pressure on Brett Smith then it's going to be a very long day. It's possible, Idaho has a deep defensive line that has some talent on it, it's just about finishing and making Smith run around in the pocket. Idaho lacks speed and athleticism at the corner position so otherwise it might be another ugly day for Idaho's defense.

Wyoming's rush defense is not all very good can Idaho take advantage of that weakness?

Idaho can certainly take advantage of Wyoming on the ground, Jerrell Brown had a good day rushing for Idaho and Chalich seems like he's comfortable running the read-option so it's only a matter of time before he figures out where his good runs are going to be when making those reads. Also keep an eye out for freshman Richard Montgomery. He didn't have the best of days at North Texas but he has game-breaking speed and home run ability out of the backfield.

What are the strengths of this Idaho football team?

The strengths of this team come on the defensive line, Idaho has depth, strength and talent there. It's just a matter of them finding their feet and chemistry with one-another so they can show it on the football field. We'd also like to think a strength is on an offensive line that's showed some continuity but injuries have affected that since depth isn't particularly great. But it could also be at the quarterback position. Chad Chalich has shown he's a hard worker, won't make a ton of mistakes and understands the offense. It's just that he may not have a high ceiling of talent either.

What do you think the outcome will be?

If Idaho is going to get the win here it's because the front seven gets after Brett Smith and forces him into a lot of turnovers, but I don't think that's going to be possible for Idaho to do through four quarters of football. Wyoming is just too much of a fine oiled machine offensively. I think Idaho shows strides and competes but Wyoming is just too much at home, Cowboys take it 31-14.

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