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Half Time score 17-20 Minnesota

San Jose State is Struggling defensively, but the David Fales has got his groove back.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Going into halftime score is 20-17 San Jose. No, Minnesota has kicked no field goals, but they missed an extra point kick. 

First off, David Fales. WOW. DAVID FALES! He has passed for 1 millions yards so far (294 yards, 12/16 with two touchdowns). A 76 yard run and catch from Chandler Jones resulted in the first touchdown, while a 20+ yard pass from Fales again to Chandler Jones resulted in the second. 

Minnesota has had little trouble running the ball on the Spartans though. They've got 239 yards on the ground, mostly coming from Spartan linebackers biting hard on read-option quarterback runs. They've only gotten 39 yards in the air, all from two passes (one of them a 28 yard one). Mitch Leidner has been causing absolute havoc, as there have been 3 plays where he picked up three Spartan defenders and carried them 4-5 yards. Seriously, dude, you're supposed to carry your team to victory, not our team.

At this point, it almost looks like the Spartans are wearing out the Minnesota offense by keeping them on the field. Minnesota has almost twice the time of possession as the San Jose Spartans. Hopefully the San Jose defense does enough to let Fales keep scoring. 

Since David Fales settled in, on the second scoring series for SJSU the run game has picked up. Tim Crawley is a speed freak and he's been gaining a lot of yards on sweeps. Jason Simpson also ran for a first down up the gut. Minnesota backed up a little on pressure, and two or three plays when they rushed only three, Fales has made them pay.

Halftime score 20-17? At Halftime? Looks like a shootout? I'm taking Fales.